Stats and Sensibility: Rethinking the King of the Mountains

Every year, the Tour de France draws even casual sports fans to pay at least a passing glance at the sport of cycling. People who wouldn’t know their peloton from their pedal are bombarded on sports pages with at least a passing glance at the day’s events for three weeks every July. Here in the United States the phenomenon is largely thanks to the twin titans of American cycling, Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong, who over a twenty-year... Read More

NTSF 129: Fighting Through Adversity…

Boy, do I really need a new pair of glasses. Constructed as much out of electrical tape and Gorilla Glue as they are the original frames these days, my literal worldview just keeps getting more and more askew as they warp and wind around. Yet despite the fact that I seem to be harder on spectacles than Djokovic on his rackets, I keep on persevering. Perhaps that’s why I always see things a little differently… and that’s not necessarily... Read More