Back to the Slopes

The start of the FIS World Cup alpine skiing season is upon us, with the first few races having been completed in Austria and Canada for the men and in Austria and Colorado for the women. Snow is starting to fall in the northerly climates, and winter is upon us. It’s time to hit the slopes and take a look at the early action from around Europe and North America as we gear up for the heart of the calendar…   In Sölden, Austria on... Read More

NTSF 125: Back in the Technological Saddle

I feel like a kid tearing through a bucket of Halloween candy. We’re in the final stages of our move back across town to the apartment complex we temporarily left to help a friend in need, and it sure feels good to be back. Once again I have a tennis court mere footsteps away, and a pool is accessible every toasty summertime day. But what really has this Non-Traditional Sports Fan in America excited is simply being tied back into 21st-century... Read More

NTSF 122: Doping Dangers, Technology Try-outs, Winter Worlds and More…

Much of my past week was spent waiting for Super Bowl XLV on Sunday and then on basking in the afterglow of the Green Bay Packers’ 13th NFL title. Yeah, I won’t withhold my full disclosure, if this is your first time stumbling along to my column. I was born a Cheesehead and I’ll die a Cheesehead. The times haven’t always been this good for Packer Nation — I was alive for just the most recent two championships, after... Read More

NTSF 120: Cutler, Nadal and how we perceive injury as fans

For the second straight year, we’re left wondering what might have been as Rafael Nadal fell in the quarterfinals on a Wednesday in Melbourne. Last year it was a knee injury that derailed his bid to repeat as the Australian Open champion following his breakthrough 2009 victory, causing him to withdraw from his match against Andy Murray while already down two sets to love. This year, once again overworked on a schedule that was pared down to... Read More

NTSF 119: Catching up on 2011…

So here it is, Twenty-Eleven, and it’s about time I get the first edition of A Non-Traditional Sports Fan in America out of my brain and into the vortex for the fanatical consumption of the masses. One week’s absence was anticipated, as I have been compiling my first treatise on sports in the ardent hope it hits the presses by this spring. The lack of the column a second week was due primarily to finally catching the cold that my wife has been... Read More

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