NTSF: When Athletes Strike

I’ve already laid out the situation in Spain versus other European leagues, and how the disparity in revenue has led to many clubs simply not paying their players when the accounting dips into the red. With over a hundred of their kinsmen awaiting salary payments from last season, the players in Spain’s top two soccer divisions have gone on strike, postponing the start of the new season and leaving the schedule in flux. The San Siro... Read More

The Looming Threat of a Spanish Soccer Strike

For sports fans in the United States — who endured the NFL work stoppage over the summer, and are currently watching and waiting as the NBA and its players work toward a stalemate that could look suspiciously like the NHL’s season-long shutdown in 2004-05 — labor situations have taken on a curious pattern in recent years. It isn’t the players, the labor of this situation, which initiates a strike; instead, it is management,... Read More

NTSF 127: A Fresh Start for Spring…

So I finally followed through on a promise I’ve been making for some time. After several years of watching my hair slowly grow out from buzzed beginnings, blossoming outward like one of those Chia Heads before flopping earthward in a mane around my shoulders and down my back, I’ve done something altruistic for a change. For years my wife has suggested, given my ability to grow one prodigious head of hair, that I should donate the tresses... Read More

NTSF 125: Back in the Technological Saddle

I feel like a kid tearing through a bucket of Halloween candy. We’re in the final stages of our move back across town to the apartment complex we temporarily left to help a friend in need, and it sure feels good to be back. Once again I have a tennis court mere footsteps away, and a pool is accessible every toasty summertime day. But what really has this Non-Traditional Sports Fan in America excited is simply being tied back into 21st-century... Read More

NTSF 121: The Life of a Blessed Sports Fan…

I’ve been thinking the past few days about just how blessed I am as a sports fan. Perhaps it is just the glow after finishing the first draft of my first book, achieving the New Year’s resolution I set on the first of January 2010 of having this thing completed and ready to edit by the 31st of January 2011, that has me all aglow. If — nay, when – everything goes right, one way or another, the book is going to be in print before the... Read More

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