NTSF: Choosing Your Own Team

Before there was Global Turnstile, there was A Non-Traditional Sports Fan in America. The column, formerly a staple of weekly coverage of international sports, is being revived at the new website as a depository for thoughts on various issues confronting sports fans. Be sure to tune in every Thursday as we take a look at sports in America from a different perspective… Welcome back to the rebirth of the column that started it all. This week... Read More

NTSF 131: The Limits to Allegiance…

    So I’ve got a core group of fanatical friends with which I keep touch on the internet. Any fan worth his salt inevitably builds up connections with other fans over the years, both fans of their own teams and of the opposition. Sports, after all, can provide a link where we might otherwise have no connection with a person, but they are not the only links that lead us to friendship. Rare is the person that never find himself in some sort... Read More