NTSF 119: Catching up on 2011…

So here it is, Twenty-Eleven, and it’s about time I get the first edition of A Non-Traditional Sports Fan in America out of my brain and into the vortex for the fanatical consumption of the masses. One week’s absence was anticipated, as I have been compiling my first treatise on sports in the ardent hope it hits the presses by this spring. The lack of the column a second week was due primarily to finally catching the cold that my wife has been... Read More

Letter to the Tailgater Crew Following BCS Championship

This was originally sent as an email to fellow Tailgater correspondents Matt Strobl and John Mitchell the morning after the 2011 BCS National Championship. It is reprinted here in its entirety. Hey now… Well, guys, I got to watch the game but was cursed with injury added to insult as I felt the head cold welling around my cranium throughout the game. It was all I could do to sit there dejectedly and sneeze. Unfortunately there would be no boost... Read More