NTSF 119: Catching up on 2011…

So here it is, Twenty-Eleven, and it’s about time I get the first edition of A Non-Traditional Sports Fan in America out of my brain and into the vortex for the fanatical consumption of the masses. One week’s absence was anticipated, as I have been compiling my first treatise on sports in the ardent hope it hits the presses by this spring. The lack of the column a second week was due primarily to finally catching the cold that my wife has been... Read More

BCS Buster Power Rankings: Week 9

Another two bite the dust, as previously-undefeated BCS conference teams Michigan State and Missouri both went on the road this weekend and lost to divisional foes Iowa and Nebraska. Neither the Spartans nor the Tigers looked capable of doing anything against the stifling defenses of their opponents, falling behind early and staying behind late to fall out of the national title race. Why do I bring this up in a column about BCS Busters? After all,... Read More

BCS Buster Power Rankings: Week 8

So we have just three undefeated non-AQ teams remaining in college football after Nevada’s loss last weekend to Hawaii. But that ultimately could prove to be of great benefit to WAC leader Boise State. With games against both the Wolf Pack and Warriors still on the schedule next month, Boise needs both to keep winning from here to give them the strongest schedule possible in the computers’ eyes. That’s been the drawback this whole... Read More

How defenses really stack up in NCAA football at midpoint of 2010

It’s one of the things we most often delude ourselves about in college football. We are quick to assert that this or that team has a dominant defense, or that other teams win despite defensive deficiencies. But far too often a look at total yardage and points allowed tells but one part of the story. A team’s numbers can be predicated on so many different things. Allowing as few yards as possible is always a good thing, but often the yardage... Read More

BCS Buster Power Rankings: Week 7

This question posed by a reader after last week’s edition came online was made even more relevant with the release of the first BCS standings on Sunday: The question is whether or not BSU or TCU will get a shot at the BCS title game even with Alabama out of #1. It seems doubtful unless (or even if) OSU somehow is knocked out of the #1 spot in the following weeks. Is it possible there will be a BCS buster or is this a pipedream for the “Midmajor”... Read More

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