PODCAST: Ryan Braun, Alberto Contador and the State of Drug Testing in Sports


I joined fellow writers Ethan Calof and Jacob Rude for the first edition of a weekly podcast that you will be able to find every week here at Global Turnstile if you miss the live airing at Spreecast. This week we discussed Ryan Braun’s successful appeal of his positive test for synthetic testosterone; Alberto Contador’s retroactive two-year suspension that resulted... Read More

Back to the Slopes

At Aspen, Viktoria Rebensburg was able to take charge of the GS standings with a bump up the podium and her first victory of the young season...

The start of the FIS World Cup alpine skiing season is upon us, with the first few races having been completed in Austria and Canada for the men and in Austria and Colorado for the women. Snow is starting to fall in the northerly climates, and winter is upon us. It’s time to hit the slopes and take a look at the early action from around Europe and North America as we gear... Read More

When Young Men Die Playing a Game


In the wake of Dan Wheldon’s inexplicable passing on Sunday in Las Vegas, I can’t help but think about other times in the recent past where young men have died entertaining an audience — times when men who are within a decade of my own age, taking a calculated risk in a game of speed and engineering, have succumbed to sheer misfortune and paid for it with their... Read More

Bolt and the Disqualification

Bolt has nobody for himself to blame for breaking the 20-month-old false-start rule and getting disqualified...

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet. But he is not the reigning world champion in the 100m, the event in which he holds the world record with the only sub-9.6 time in history, because he was just too damn fast for his own good. Bolt has nobody for himself to blame for breaking the 20-month-old false-start rule and getting disqualified... After Bolt was disqualified on Sunday... Read More

NTSF: Initial Thoughts on the Green Sports Alliance Summit


I returned from Portland last night after three days spent at the inaugural Green Sports Alliance Summit, and the confluence of so many influential people and teams and businesses and the steps they’ve taken toward sustainable sport have my head swimming with a wealth of inspiring things to write about. I need to sort out everything and get my initial thoughts down before... Read More