The Futile Fight Against Doping

Will Jan Ullrich's ubiquitous magenta jersey really fade out of our consciousness when we think of Lance Armstrong's final Tour victory?

What gets lost most in the shuffle when a doping case is ruled upon is not a sense of guilt or innocence, but a better understanding of why¬†athletes have been compelled for over a century to co-opt the best medical technology of the time to improve their performance. The truth, whether fans want to face it or not, is that there is really no “clean” era in any sport.... Read More

Back to the Slopes

At Aspen, Viktoria Rebensburg was able to take charge of the GS standings with a bump up the podium and her first victory of the young season...

The start of the FIS World Cup alpine skiing season is upon us, with the first few races having been completed in Austria and Canada for the men and in Austria and Colorado for the women. Snow is starting to fall in the northerly climates, and winter is upon us. It’s time to hit the slopes and take a look at the early action from around Europe and North America as we gear... Read More

When Young Men Die Playing a Game


In the wake of Dan Wheldon’s inexplicable passing on Sunday in Las Vegas, I can’t help but think about other times in the recent past where young men have died entertaining an audience — times when men who are within a decade of my own age, taking a calculated risk in a game of speed and engineering, have succumbed to sheer misfortune and paid for it with their... Read More

Death of an Open-Wheel Champion

Dan Wheldon's last moment of glory came earlier this year as he won his second Indy 500 in shocking fashion...

October 16, 2011 was an ominous day for open-wheel auto racing. Earlier in the day Sebastian Vettel had punctuated his second straight F1 driver championship with his tenth victory of the season, and Mark Webber’s podium finish ensured that Red Bull would also win its second manufacturer’s title. Attention turned across the Pacific to the final day of the IZOD IndyCar... Read More

Semifinal Scrums in the South Pacific


The seventh installment of the quadrennial Rugby World Cup has winnowed its way from twenty teams down to the final four. There is little surprise in the composition of the remaining field, with all four teams ranked among the top five in the International Rugby Board’s world rankings. (South Africa, #3 in the rankings, was knocked out by #2 Australia in the quarterfinals... Read More